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Cloud to cloud

Google BigQuery is revolutionizing the database industry by allowing organizations to query (very) large datasets with blazing fast performance (ie: not like hadoop) without hardware, infrastructure or headaches.
BIME is taking analytics to a whole new level. Through the most modern UI on the market, it turns ordinary people into data scientists with the power to query the data in BigQuery on their own, even with complex requirements, and create beautiful, highly interactive dashboards.
With no hardware or complex setup, BIME + BIGQUERY is a modern BI stack for modern organizations.

Push down SQL

BIME can speak BigQuery. BIME translates user interactions and formulas into the language of BigQuery for maximum performance.

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Partition support

One of the many great features of BigQuery is the ability to treat multiple tables as one with straigtforward syntax and without any impact on performance. BIME supports wildcard “from” clauses, so you can define a pattern like “sales_” and BIME will query all the tables beginning with “sales_”.

Nested data support

BigQuery supports nested and repeated data in the form of JSON files. BIME will automatically discover the schema of those fields and you’ll be able to query them like any other field.

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“Weekendesk is a modern company, born mobile and cloud based. It was natural to add BIME and its Google BigQuery connector on top of it. We work faster and deliver better data analysis.”

Adrien Charaix Business Analyst, Weekendesk