BIME + Intercom

Delivering Customer Support via Intercom?
You can now measure and share how well you are taking care of you customers in a BIME Dashboard

An entirely new way to measure and benchmark the way you support your users and clients with Intercom.

3 endpoints to build your metrics

01 Conversations

Analyze the way your team is handling conversations with your users. Better understand your Support Team workload (days and hours), how fast they are providing resolution, how many messages in each conversation, who are the Support Super Stars in your team… and anything else you can think of based on the valuable data available in Intercom.

02 Users

Be closer to your users community and provide personal support based on your users, who they are, what they do and where they are located. Monitor their average number of sessions, how they react to new features or changes on your platform and much more with the custom fields you can analyze from Intercom.

03 Companies

Learn more about who your clients are, get the full picture on the support your Team is providing at the customer level and leverage all your custom fields from Intercom.

Drive Customer retention, more efficient Support, monitor Usage and much more… bring analytics and new insights to your Support with the new BIME native connector to Intercom.