Mailchimp Analytics

Follow the success of your email campaigns - quick & simple

Performance tracking

Visualize how many emails you sent, how many recipients opened and see the proportion of clicks, all in a single view.

All campaigns in one place

See multiple campaigns in the same aggregated dashboard. Measure your bounces and unsubscriptions. Filter by campaign, subject or date to dig deeper inside your marketing results.

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Mix Mailchimp data with the rest of your marketing and business data

BIME provides dozens of native connectors that you can leverage to create a 360° view of your business; or your customer’s business. Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance… everything in one place, every piece of data enhancing and giving more context to your data world.

High level of data expressivity through advanced data visualization

Data visualization is a powerful way to communicate as it enhances human ability to understand data quickly. BIME has you covered with smart configurations for classic views such as column and line charts and a wealth of advanced visualizations including as maps, word clouds, treemap, parallel sets and more. Your data only better.