Analytics and dashboards for Oracle

Explore, understand & communicate data from Oracle.

The easiest SQL reporting and analysis tool

Looking to leverage your Oracle data by making it understandable and shareable with the right people at the right time? Enter BIME. Connect securely using standard JDBC connection and SSH Tunneling, create queries at the speed of light without having to worry about SQL Queries and create by drag and drop very advanced dashboards with deep data manipulation feauture.

Direct connection or data import into best of class storages

You can connect directly to Oracle. Each user interaction will turn into a SQL Query. No need to move and sync your data from Oracle. If you reach the limit of what your database server can cope with you can turn on data import. Whatever your data size we have the right integrated solution for you, including cutting edge storage such as automated import to Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift.

Oracle dashboard

An example Oracle dashboard

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Mix Oracle data with the rest of your marketing and business data

BIME provides dozens of native connectors that you can leverage to create a 360° view of your business; or your customer’s business. Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance… everything in one place, every piece of data enhancing and giving more context to your data world.

High level of data expressivity through advanced data visualization

Data visualization is a powerful way to communicate your data as it enhances human ability to understand data quickly. BIME has you covered with smart configurations for classic charts such as column and line charts and a wealth of advanced visualizations such as maps, word clouds, treemaps, parralel sets and more. Your data, only better.