Web data meets BIME

Generate your own data connector

BIME’s REST connector is a way to connect to APIs even if a dedicated connector is not available in BIME. If the target API uses web standards such as OAUTH1, Basic Auth, OAUTH2 (unfortunately not with OAUTH2 dance as it is not really standard), XML or JSON then you’ll be able to automatically bring the data into BIME. Our REST connector opens a new realm of possibilities and truly makes almost any data accessible for direct analysis.

Examples to play with

List all the starships in Star wars:

Examples to play with

List all the (known) pokemons:

Mix REST API data with the rest of your marketing and business data

BIME provides dozens of native connectors that you can leverage to create a 360° view of your business; or your customer’s business. Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance… everything in one place, every piece of data enhancing and giving more context to your data world.

High level of data expressivity through advanced data visualization

Data visualization is a powerful way to communicate your data as it enhances human ability to understand data quickly. BIME gots you covered with smart configurations for classic charts such as column and line charts and a wealth of advanced visualizations such as maps, word clouds, treemap, parralel sets and more. Your data only better.