BIME & Twitter

Get a clearer look at your network

Analyzing your network has never been so simple and elegant.
Get meaningful insights in a couple of clicks.

5 endpoints to get the best of Twitter

01 User Timeline

You can analyse your own timeline. See which one of your tweet has been retweeted the most, the one which has been favorited the most. Get precious metrics on your social impact.

02 Users lookup

Analyse different accounts all together in the same place. Benchmark your account against your competitor's. See what works for them and what doesn't. React quickly to a sudden changes to stay ahead of the curve.

03 Mentions Timeline

See what people are saying about you, their 'sentiment' about your business, your brand.

04 Search

Search through all the tweets for a particular hashtag, a particular username or anything you like. Focus your research on a precise time range or in a precise geographical area.

05 Followers List

Get information on people following you or another user. See what kind of people are interested in your business by analyzing your followers and those of your competitors.

Combine all these endpoints to create beautiful dashboards using our powerful interface.

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Don't leave anything to chance, use every piece of information twitter gives you to drive your social impact. Start using the BIME connector for twitter today.

Mix Twitter data with the rest of your marketing and business data

BIME provides dozens of native connectors that you can leverage to create a 360° view of your business; or your customer’s business. Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance… everything in one place, every piece of data enhancing and giving more context to your data world.

High level of data expressivity through advanced data visualization

Data visualization is a powerful way to communicate your data as it enhances human ability to understand data quickly. BIME gots you covered with smart configurations for classic charts such as column and line charts and a wealth of advanced visualizations such as maps, word clouds, treemap, parralel sets and more. Your data only better.