Your data will be safe and secure.

Safe, private and secure

BIME is primarily an analytical tool, not a database. Uploading data can ease collaboration and boost performance but is not actually necessary. When making a basic connection you can opt out of using a BIME storage option. The data will then be kept in a local memory or in the original data source. Alternatively, you can use a Bime storage option that will take a snapshot of the data that is uploaded to the cloud.

State of the art protection

Your BIME account is password-protected and safe from prying eyes. If a login / password is not enough, we also offer single sign on (SSO) with all the standards of the market (used by Google,, Facebook etc.), i.e. OAUTH, OPENID and SAML. So you can log into BIME from your Google Apps account, or use the active directory of your company without requiring a login / password. We can even deactivate the use of login/password to delegate the identity management to a third party.
All BIME accounts include 256-bit SSL security – the same used by online banks.

We don’t store your billing information

Your billing information is always completely protected. All credit card transactions are processed using secure encryption with Ogone/Braintree.