Understand the entire customer
experience with Segment + BIME

Segment brings together all your siloed customer data.
BIME helps you analyze and present that data.

How it works

Get set up in three easy steps

Pick the data you want to work with

Combine data from your customer touchpoints, like Zendesk or Salesforce, with Segment Sources

Load your data into a data warehouse

Centralize your customer data in Amazon Redshift or Postgres DWH with Segment Warehouses

Create and share dashboards

Analyze all of your Segment data, create reports, and build interactive dashboards with BIME

Join your data with a simple drag-and-drop

Create data joins to do analyses across multiple sources. BIME enables any user to create joins with its simple drag-and-drop query blender. No more SQL required.


Analyze and visualize all of your customer data

With your customer data centralized in a single data warehouse, you can analyze your data with BIME. Create data joins, reports, and custom metrics—no SQL required.


Build and share dashboards that everyone wants to use

Present your analysis beautifully with 25+ point-and-click data visualization tools. Share or embed interactive dashboards, so everyone draws from the same insights.


Combine customer data to answer
the questions you have about them

Zendesk + Salesforce

What questions are prospects asking at different stages of the sales cycle?

Stripe + Segment

How do our high-value customers use our product?

HubSpot + Salesforce

Which content leads to the best deals?

Zendesk + Segment

What type of customer runs into the most problems?

Zendesk + Stripe

Which pricing plans send in the most support tickets?

Segment + Salesforce

Which referrers result in the highest value contracts?

Segment + HubSpot

Do our campaigns drive desired product behavior?

Stripe + HubSpot

Which campaigns actually have a good ROI?

"With Segment Sources, we're gathering new insights about our customer experience. Combining Zendesk with purchase data, we're analyzing how interactions with our Customer Happiness team affect purchase behavior and long term retention. And that's just the start."

Che Horder, Director of Analytics at Instacart