BIME gives you all the tools to be a data ninja

Experience BIME now

Connect the dots with 65+ plug-and-play connectors

Within minutes, you can connect the data sources you care about in BIME. With all your data in one place, you can easily connect the dots in your analysis.

Customize your metrics and KPIs

BIME helps you transform your data into meaningful metrics and KPIs. Create joins on your data sets. Make simple calculations to create custom metrics. No SQL required.

25 ways to present your analysis

Present your analysis beautifully with 25+ point-and-click data visualization tools that turn data rows into impactful and interactive dashboards.

Easy sharing and collaboration

Inspire a data-driven culture within your organization by sharing your analysis and insights on what works and what needs improvement.

All available on your mobile

Take BIME and your analyses with you to any event or meeting. Dashboards are responsive to all your devices and tablets.

Our favorite features

Visualize your data store

Whether your data is stored in Redshift or BigQuery, you can analyze and visualize all your data with BIME.

Make data joins without SQL

With BIME’s Query Blender, you can easily make joins between data sets without needing to write SQL.

Set up email alerts

Receive an alert when a KPI dips or peaks. Or automatically deliver weekly reports directly to your email inbox.

Brand your dashboards

Add images from your own library or choose from 100+ icons to create dashboards that represent your brand.

Share your queries

Create a library of queries for your team or company to share. Never have to create a report from scratch again.

Instant forecasting

Out-of-the-box tools like the forecasting feature can predict future values based on your current data set.