Interactive gauge chart

Giving the gauge visual a bit of polish

Gauges chart are there for one, and only one, objective : see, at a glance, how close you are to a particular objective.

The gauges we are used to seeing in dashboards are often space consuming and quite clunky. They take the “dashboard” metaphor too far. The visual is way too big for displaying a single piece of information.

We tried to rethink the gauge to make it fit our objective for 'simple but beautiful' design. Here is the result. The new design has a few tricks to improve the readability of the information. The current value is displayed and the range of the gauge is reduced by a half. It uses a lot less space and yet the exact same information can be displayed.

Recently, we added a new layout type for this gauge. This layout introduces a full circle representing the objective to be achieved. The current value is visible by a portion of the circle in a different colour. Within the circle you can display the current achievement in percentage or value terms. In this example, there is no ambiguity: Maryland has a further 86% to go before it achieves its objective. We believe that this new layout can be more readable depending of the matter of the accuracy you see the visual. The good thing is, that as a user, you have the choice between these two layouts.